Two Poems

This post is simple–I’m simply going to post two poems that were published earlier this year. Quite a few of you have mentionned that you like reading my poetry. Enjoy!

**Sorry Mom, but the second one might make you blush..

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Experiments with

On Experiments, Seinfeld and Literature

Experiments, Seinfeld and Literature are three of my big favourites in life.


Ask my mother—even as a young girl I loved to experiment. When my aunt and my mom went dancing, my cousin Mickey and I would take all of my mother’s baking supplies and half of what was in the fridge and play “Just Like Mom.” We did such a great job of cleaning up that she didn’t suspect a thing.

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A Pot of Poet’s Blood

Although I’ve tried, I cannot stop the poet within me.  I do not want to be a poet, but poetry has always saved me from myself. If you are a poet, you’ll understand that writing poetry requires you to delve into your inner mind and clutch and pull at the thread of emotion, unraveling it little by little. This process often threatens to pluck at your sanity, but it can also be cathartic.  The final product is a rendering of your emotions molded into a poetic portrait.

Writing a poem is like throwing a pot

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A bouquet.

“I Killed My Mother”

My Mother is Alive and Well

Here it is–proof that I’ve been hearing my mother’s voice in my mind for at least a decade. This is actually the first poem I had published in 2008. My mother’s voice has been a running theme ever since. My mom wasn’t really impressed with this poem at the time–she used to take my writing way too personally. She’s learned to relax and laugh about it now. Continue reading