Lit mags and cook books

Looking for Flavour? Try Lit Mags and Cookbooks

Growing up, my mom had a huge drawer full of cookbooks. I remember sitting there for hours, devouring the images and recipes those tattered, glossy pages tempted me to try. Like my mother, I’m a sucker for cookbooks and love testing new recipes.

“For every season, there is a flavour,” my mother may have once said, “And if there isn’t one, we’d darn well better find one!” (Haha! Okay, that last part is definitely me putting words into her mouth.) No matter what she may or may not have said, my mother has always been on the search for new recipes. I’m positive that growing up surrounded by a woman who loved to cook helped me expand my foodie horizons.

I can’t imagine my life without the rich world cookbooks opened up for me. We are what we eat.(—Or is it what we read, since we are reading cookbooks that give us ideas of what we should be eating…?)

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Closure Through Writing

Let the Floodgates Open. Let Closure Begin.

Ernest Hemingway once said:

‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’

Most writers rely on their memories, experiences and emotions when the floodgates open and the words flow out. This is true of all writing, but writers expertly disguise themselves or change the outcome of what really happened to benefit the story—and their egos.

But when we tell the truth, as it really happened—something else happens. Writers get closure.

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On Why We Must Write, Rupi Kaur and Sisyphus

Roll that Giant boulder—Sisyphus style

Believe it or not, there are days when I don’t feel like writing. There are days when I question why I spend so much time reading words nobody’s going to read. Words I’m only going to delete later. And I wonder why I’m choosing to be that clueless hamster running in the wheel—or Sisyphus rolling that damn boulder up the hill only to watch it crash back down to the bottom so he can start over again. My punishment is an endless paper ball and it weighs more than you’d think. That paper is drenched in the heft of my soul.

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You are a Badass!

Jen Sincero is a Badass Superhero

Do you believe you’re a badass? Well, I do. I believe you are a badass, and I believe I am a badass. Even you, Mom. You are a badass too!

Ever started reading a book and think, “Man, does that ever sound like me!” As you might have guessed, I have found an echo of my voice in the book I am reading, and it’s cracking me up. Jen Sincero is using words I’m pretty sure I made up, and I’m finishing her sentences in my mind before I read them. I’m sure if Jen Sincero and I met, we’d be besties. She’s that awesome.

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