Let Me Read Your Writing, Rach

So Where Are the Stories?

Itching to read something I’ve written? Don’t worry, I plan to post something here in the future. For now, you’ll be happy to know that some of my writing already exists out there on the World Wide Web. The following links will take you to my stories and the fantastic magazines that published them:


You can read my work in issues 20.1, 20.2 and 21.1. It is pretty amazing that the editors, who read blind, have picked my writing three times in a row. Soliloquies Anthology is a student-run literary journal published out of Concordia University. I’ve read the issues cover to cover and love most of what they’ve published.

My poem “Driftwood” (issue 20.1) is about the last time I left my farm when I was 9.

My short story “Just Toss Me a Bone, Woman!” is written from the point of view of a panty-obsessed man (?). I wasn’t going to let my mom read this, but I think she  thought it was funny. I only managed to hide it for a month.

My creative nonfiction piece “Soap Opera, Starring Rachel Kim” is about my lunglessness. Read it, and you’ll know what I mean by that. I am sure this is my mom’s favourite piece–and not just because she’s featured in it!

I really love the layout of Dime Show Review’s website. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I cringed when I let my mother read this story because it is a little racy–she was very mature about it. Thanks, Mom!

  • You can also find my writing in the most recent issues of fillingStation (“The Gods, Looking Down”–and experimental CNF piece) and FreeFall (“Stains”–short fiction about a woman grieving her mother). My work also appears in issue 2.2 of untethered and The Quilliad issue 7.

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